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December 26th, 2010

Server maintenance complete

Happy Boxing Day, everyone!

We are pleased to announce that our maintenance and upgrade window has been completed successfully, with a very clean and efficient execution. We were quite happy to see the data migration and internal synchronization tasks finish ahead of schedule, ultimately wrapping up early this morning.

After having closely monitored a number of test-client cutovers, and proceeding to execute a number of significant test restores (with data being brought back out of archives aged anywhere from days to years old), we issued a command for all clients to begin accessing the new servers at approx. 9:20 AM (EST). While all available clients connected almost immediately, the attached graph shows that it took approximately 3 hours for those clients to catch up and protect any files created during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day rolling shutdowns. By 1:00 PM, the vast majority of our customer base was right on track and up to snuff, and we have since been watching as others power on their machines, immediately connect and resume protection.

Thank you to everyone for being an ongoing part of our success, and for understanding the benefits of this scheduled expansion. We wish everybody a fantastic lead up to the New Year, and remind you that we are standing-by to assist if you have any questions or service concerns.

Kind regards,
Your Background Backup Support Team
1-877-302-2258 <— admin & support, during regular business hours
1-800-BUNKER1 <— data center, during maintenance window

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